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The Cleanest-Ever Nissan LEAF Plays a Messy Prank

Move over, Ashton Kutcher, there's a new prankster in town.

The compact Nissan LEAF is already famous for being an incredibly clean car, producing zero emissions. But, watch now as the Nissan LEAF, with innovative new Ultra- Ever Dry self-cleaning paint, stupefies passersby with its new clean magic!

Unfortunately, this amazing and innovative new paint is still in the prototype stage, but Nissan is the first company to start using this amazing paint coating…

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Nissan Tests Semi-Autonomous Models on Roads in Japan

Nissan is always looking to improve their already impressive Nissan new model lineup, and as such, they often come up with very innovative ideas that almost seem like something that came out of an old-fashioned science fiction model. The latest example of this high level of innovation is the newly rolled-out plan to test semi-autonomously driving Nissan LEAF models in Nissan's home country of Japan.

While this plan to build self-driving cars may seem…

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Owner of the First Nissan LEAF in the US Still Loves It

One of the big selling points here at Freedom Nissan in Burlington, VT is the reliability and longevity of both our new and used car lineup. Another great example of the reliability of Nissan models is the fact that the owner of the very first LEAF model sold in the United States is still loving his model over 4 years later.

Nissan recently celebrated the milestone of selling the 40,000 LEAF EV model within…

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Nissan LEAF Ownership Continues to Grow Rapidly

This year has been a busy one for the Nissan LEAF. Not only has the entirely-electric vehicle been acknowledged as the best-selling EV ever, but Nissan shocked drivers-- in a good way-- with the debut of the next-generation LEAF and its all-new features, offered at a price that's roughly $6,000 less than before. Overall, it's been a good year for both the new Nissan and its drivers.

Shortly after the price deduction…

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New Nissan Technology Greens Up the Pathfinder

Like most of our neighbors around the Burlington area, Freedom Nissan is always on the prowl for ways to green up our lifestyles. Reducing your carbon footprint is as easy as using your own bags for groceries, reusing a mug for to-go coffee, or driving a 100% electric Nissan LEAF. Good news for those who prefer bigger vehicles, but not so much the emissions they produce-- the automaker is working on a new eco-friendly system?

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The Nissan LEAF is the World's Most Popular and Loved EV

It didn't take drivers very long to warm up to the Nissan LEAF after its 2010 debut. With over 50,000 vehicles sold worldwide, the LEAF now holds the title of the most popular electric vehicle of all time. The benefits don't just stop with fuel savings and lessening a driver's carbon footprint-- the LEAF has plenty to offer, including those of the Burlington area on the prowl for a green driving...

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Environmental Protection Prioritized by Nissan

If you're like us at Freedom Nissan, you care about protecting the beautiful environment we live in here in beautiful South Burlington. It's important to help preserve the natural ecosystems of our nation, and Nissan is doing just that in the great state of Tennessee. The Volunteer State has recently been experiencing something of a pest problem, as theWooly Adelgid has been attacking trees across the region. The species is not native, and...

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Nissan Adopt a Charger Program Takes Off in California

For those who own an electric vehicle like the Nissan LEAF, one of the few downsides is finding a charging station outside your local network. It greatly deters a long road trip or any long-distance travel due to the uncertainty of not knowing where a station might be. That's where Adopt a Charger comes in, and Nissan was among the first to tackle the issue of installing more charging stations in California.

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Good News Burlington-Area Drivers! Nissan Plug-In Hybrid is On its Way.

You'd have to be living in complete isolation not to have heard of the LEAF - Nissan's ground-breaking electric car designed for urban drivers looking to eliminate their reliance on foreign oil and dramatically lighten their carbon footprint... It's thanks to the LEAF that Nissan is credited with pioneering the EV industry and introducing the first mass-produced electric vehicle to the market.


That said. Not all eco-minded drivers live in metropolitan areas. So, as to not leave out their rural friends, Nissan is now...

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