Need a Quirky Cube?

Here in South Burlington, VT, we prefer the classics, and sometimes are not the biggest fans of quirky designs. But we thought we would share one of the concept cars that caught our eye years ago at the auto shows.

While you might have seen the Nissan cube around town, you probably have never seen anything quite like the DENKI cube concept. It is still based on the cube we know, but is all-electric, and done up to the gills in quirky details.

From the lightning bolts on the front grille, to the dice-patterned lamps in the rear, it is entirely a unique look. One detail we liked was the expansive glass panel roof, which helps passengers appreciate the spacious interior created by a wider wheelbase. The front controls are all part of an LCD display, and the white cabin is accentuated with eye-popping color in key details.

Love it or hate it, it is an interesting example of the antithesis of conventional automotive design.

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