Turn Down for What? Nissan.

Not all roommates are destined to be best friends.  Issues arise, lines are crossed and personalities clash, especially when there is an age difference, a 40 plus year age difference. In the end, however, roommates may not be as different as they originally imagined. After all, they are both Heisman Trophy winners.

A lot has changed since the trophy was first given away in 1935. Nissan welcomes the new class of potential Heisman Trophy winners with open arms and helps with any roommate conflicts.

Once more Nissan has a significant role in choosing where the Heisman Trophy should go. As the Premier Partner of the Heisman Trophy, they will be casting a vote. However, a company like Nissan doesn't just give an opinion without asking its drivers first. In fact, Nissan is having all of us vote on who we feel should be the next winner and will be using those findings to vote on our behalf.

Celebrate this upcoming football season the right way with Nissan and prepare for the upcoming tailgating events with a ride built to handle them: the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder.  The South Burlington community can test drive at Freedom Nissan today.

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