Honoring Veterans with Project Titan from Nissan

Though Veteran's Day was earlier this month, everyone here at Freedom Nissan believe in honoring our veterans for more than a single day. Clearly the folks at Nissan have a similar perspective, as they recently teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project to develop a fully customized Nissan Titan which would carry two veterans throughout the rugged terrain of the Alaskan wilderness. The resulting product, named Project Titan, resulted in a 20 minute short film wherein we can fully appreciate the indomitable spirit of America veterans. Take a look at the following videos to see how the project shaped up from the beginning, and check out the final film, which is both inspiring and emotional.

What stands out in the short film, is the indomitable spirit of our men and women of the armed forces. It is matched by, though certainly overshadows, the same indomitable spirit of the Nissan Titan, which enables them to conquer brutal terrain to help other veterans.

If you'd like to learn how you can help the Wounded Warrior Project in their mission to help our returning veterans, or just want to get hands-on with a Nissan Titan, come and see us at Freedom Nissan, 1095 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington, Vermont. We'll show you our selection of available models and help you find your ideal vehicle from the Nissan lineup. In no time at all you'll be customizing your own truck to conquer all of the adventures that lay ahead.

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