Freedom of Increased Safety with the Pathfinder

On the open road, the limits of possibilities are nearly endless. With the Nissan Pathfinder you can even leave the pavement for adventure in more remote places, because this vehicle was built to roam. But when you are driving around busier areas, it can be distracting and exhausting trying to keep an eye on all of the other moving cars on the roads. Now, smarter technologies are keeping an eye out for you, so you can relax and enjoy the freedom of the path ahead, whether it is busy or serene.

Sensors all around the vehicle let you know when you are encountering another car. With lights and audible alerts, it is your instinct to react and correct your path of travel, taking the guesswork out of driving. With heightened awareness wherever you go, you may even start get in the mood for Halloween with a super hero costume.

Come in to Freedom Nissan for a test drive of the smarter Pathfinder today around South Burlington, VT.

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