What Makes the Nissan LEAF Stand Out?

Some people think that electric vehicles are slow, uncomfortable, and less than attractive. However, the Nissan LEAF tells a different story. This vehicle is comfortable, good-looking, and fun to drive.

In this video, you can see all the ways that this vehicle is similar to a gas car, and the one big way that it's different. Check it out.

Here at Freedom Nissan, the LEAF is one of our favorite vehicles right now. We like that it is super eco-friendly, but we also love that it has a fast, smooth ride and a comfortable interior. It also has great features like an app that lets you know where the nearest charging stations are. This car is great for both the environment and the driver.

If you'd like to see how great the Nissan LEAF is for yourself, visit our South Burlington, VT dealership, where our friendly staff will arrange a test drive for you.

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