This New Nissan Juke Can Take on the Arctic Tundra

The classic Nissan Juke is a staple in the Nissan lineup, adored by fans for its bold style and distinctive design.

But, with #Snowmageddon2015 still laying down some fresh powder, drivers in the Burlington area might need to find a heavy-duty way to get to the mountains to enjoy it. Fortunately, Nissan has an idea...

Armed with a Nissan Juke Nismo RSnow, you could access backcountry skiing and snowboarding just about anywhere in Vermont. With the Juke's compact and versatile design, zipping through trees on the Dominator Track System with all-wheel drive would be a cinch.

Sadly... this is not a production model. It was made only as a support vehicle for an upcoming ice-driving event in Finland. Fortunately, we have plenty of new Nissan cars, trucks, SUVs and CUVs at Freedom Nissan, including AWD and 4WD models, to help you get to the mountain. Even on outrageous powder days.

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