Turn Over a New Nissan LEAF Today at Freedom Nissan

The Green Mountain State's name takes on a whole new meaning when you drive the Nissan LEAF, a popular hatchback that runs solely on electric power. The Nissan LEAF is available now at our South Burlington, VT Nissan dealership, and they're going fast, so we encourage you to swing by and see what it's like to go green with this thrilling little electric car!

What's so exciting about the Nissan LEAF?

The Nissan LEAF is a commuter's dream that has a range of 150 to 226 miles depending on the model you choose. That's plenty of going power to help you tackle your daily drive around Williston and then some, and it's more than enough to make competing EVs nervous.

One of the key features of the Nissan LEAF is the innovative e-PEDAL system, which helps you make the most of the LEAF's electric power. The e-PEDAL allows the LEAF to be driven solely with the acceleration pedal simply by pressing down to go and lifting your foot to slow to a stop. Regenerative braking also uses energy from engine braking and uses it to power the LEAF's battery as you travel around the Burlington, VT and Colchester, VT areas.

Where can I find a Nissan LEAF for sale near me?

The Nissan LEAF is available for sale at Freedom Nissan, so we encourage drivers from Essex, VT to Plattsburg to visit us and see what the new Nissan LEAF is all about. These cars sell out fast, so please don't hesitate to see us for a test drive and gather more information about the Nissan LEAF.

Learn more about the Nissan LEAF at our Nissan dealership in South Burlington, VT today. We look forward to showing you what this eco-friendly electric vehicle can do!

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